pg电子游戏平台 isn’t just your daughter’s’s yours.

As a pg电子游戏平台 parent, you’re every much a part of the community as she is, and we hope you feel connected, valued and inspired to get involved. We’re not the only ones who will be grateful for your participation; your daughter will, too.

As a parent, grandparent or special friend, there are many ways to get involved and participate actively in the daily life at pg电子游戏平台 to provide support beyond tuition.

pg电子游戏平台 strives to improve the quality of campus life by offering programs and events that encourage participation by the whole school community. Our parent organizations (Friends of the Arts, the Parents Association, Parents & Alumnae for Inclusive Community, and the Sports Boostersare always in need of volunteers to assist with their various events and fundraisers. In addition to the above organizations, we welcome our families to support pg电子游戏平台 in the following ways:

Admissions Ambassadors

Word of mouth is our most powerful marketing tool, and every pg电子游戏平台 parent is an ambassador for the school. Admissions Ambassadors help at Meet pg电子游戏平台, our version of Open House, to share their stories with applicants, congratulate and welcome accepted students at receptions, and more.

Fundraising Events

pg电子游戏平台 is grateful for the dozens of parents who lend their time and talents each year to the school. Our parent organizations are always in need of volunteers to assist with various fundraising events.

Ready to get involved?

Please explore the individual parent clubs and feel free to contact Sarah Newman, pg电子游戏平台's Director of Parent Engagement, at with any questions.