Welcome Back!

Hello, pg电子游戏平台 Friends! 

It gives me great joy to return to campus to serve as your Alumnae Director. I truly believe that my experience as a seven year girl molded me into the daughter, sister, wife, mother, friend and colleague I am today. My pg电子游戏平台 memories are the most special to me, and my pg电子游戏平台 friends are still, 26 years later, the closest to my heart. 

Our endeared alumnae contribute immensely to pg电子游戏平台’s continued success. Our goal is to promote communication and goodwill between alumnae and the school, as well as to cultivate and maintain alumnae involvement in the pg电子游戏平台 of today. We are constantly striving to keep you updated with the overall academic, physical and financial progress of the institution. 

When you change your contact information, please think of pg电子游戏平台! We want to keep you connected with the alumnae office and informed with the latest campus highlights. 

This section of pg电子游戏平台's website is just one of many ways that we inform you of details regarding reunions, events, regional gatherings and alumnae giving. I hope that you find these pages informative, but also encouraging for your participation in the many volunteer and social opportunities available! Check back often, and, most importantly, keep in touch! 

Go Lions! 

Molly O’Conor Bell ’96
Director of Alumnae Engagement & Giving
(Mother ’68, Sister ’98)

Meet our Alumnae!

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Be unapologetically bold about pushing forward and going for what you want.

- Shana Hall '95
CEO, Soma Triune Leadership Coaching and Consulting, LLC

- Liz Welsh '08
Owner of Body Double Swimwear
- Jennifer Lehmann Weng (Jenny Sweitzer) '90
CEO & President of the Chief's Executive Organization

- Kacie Galloway '17
Alumna & SJB Student

Craft the life of your dreams and take advantage of everything pg电子游戏平台 has to offer!

- Kelly Fischer '14
Brand Strategist, depth theory